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Possible metaphor

I think it's a metaphor for sex there's some clues but i aint conected them all yet.

Luxembourg- The smallest country in Europe is the most popular guy - Size doesn't matter

What the pulch looks like - obvious.

The trick is in the timing - Ejaculation.

Maybe it's also about how in a relationship it's good up untill after the sex, in which intrest is lost.....i don't know.

I like the format

Loads of short little clips and some absurd randomness a little like python.

Still good animation and intro music lol

Better than the last one.

I havn't checked out no.3 yet but this was slighly better than the last one and im sure you'll keep improveing and getting even funnier.

I fived ;)

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Much better than Cake 1

After you gave a favourable review of one of my audios (a timesplitters remix) I thought it only fair to review a game of yours that you mentioned.

Some levels are better than others and the music fits well, and some of the levels being pretty clever in design. Since this is miles better since the first GTC if you do a third one, i'm sure it'll be better still. Perhaps even a cake-obtainung platformer?

Also, the in game text was an amusing touch :)

Great grpahics but...

I love your graphics style but the flash really needs some msuic and sound effects first of, and maybe a few different sorts of challanges. Like one 'frogger' style challange and one pothole repair level.

Above average game anyway.

One of those simple but really addictive games

This was enjoyable, theres something relaxing about dodging little bombs and collecting skulls, it uses the mosue which is another feature I really like.

So yeah, if you did use my tracj in any upcoming stuff i'd be honored.


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Something I find wierdly addictive

I don't usually like the stuff you've gone for here, and I think the birds at the end and voices at the start are really misplaced but the music itself is amazing.

Aa great feel good vibe as positive as anything in mainstream music.

(What's with the lack of downlaods in the portal these days??)

neojohnguy responds:

thanks, i appreciate your opinion and im glad u liked the music

Very enjoyable

This might sound wierd but I dont think rapping suited the track. I'm proabablly wrong, but a different style of singing might've of been better but whatever its still triffic to listen too.

Iv'e been too busy going out and that to do music untill the last few days but I advise you to do the same as me and to try and sell your music. Theres lots of online sites to use.

Grows on you

The goth genre did put me off a bit, but i read your point about cure.

Really relaxing almost like it would fit in a beethoven piece.
How did you make this?

More i listen to it, more i like it

ZeroAsALimit responds:

There's no special effects or anything, I used a toy organ (the Yamaha Portasound PSS-160).

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